glance – poem

I have always preferred looking at the sunset
I have always appreciated the softness of it’s hues
I have always been weary to look at you

But I’ve seen you glance my way and stared for too long, even my peripheral vision can’t fool me.
But I can’t seem to comprehend your face

You’re neither happy or sad or whatever when I walk by and I can’t understand your eyes   I don’t know what you see in me

But I regret not looking back that one time I entered your classroom with a friend and you were literally a smile away and I knew you were looking at me
I felt your anticipation graze along my shoulder and I know you were waiting for me to look at you and at least smile or something but I don’t
I didn’t
I can’t so I let my friend hustle along and leave the classroom, a heavy sigh escape my system
a twinge of regret sit in my head, tapping his foot repeatedly in a syncopated impatience. He checks his watch every so often cursing me to the sky.

Regret is waiting impatiently for me to take another chance.

But I’ve always preferred to look at the sunset
I have always made an effort to look at something so beautiful
and Regret is still waiting for me to glance back at you and at least see                    something.


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