this is what happy looks like – book review

“I’m not sure I’m quite finished saying hello yet.”


The book starts off as quirky, cute and drives you in. As Graham and Ellie starts emailing each other and they’re being flirty but it’s online. So, online and offline communication is completely different but somehow, the books makes you feel that ‘oh it’s okay let’s just assume that there’s something between Ellie and Graham even though they don’t even know each other in person’

So when an opportunity strikes and Graham suggests to shoot on Ellie’s hometown. And one way or another, they get together quite so easily. In my opinion, there wasn’t a development in terms of chemistry. And of course there are a hint of drama in there but key word ‘hint’. Why does Ellie want to avoid the media at all costs? The answer is. . .

“How are you supposed to find what you’re looking for if you’re not convinced it’s even out there?”


3/5 stars

Read the book then. But okay, I think that’s the only sad thing about the book is because it just lacked development. Everything is quite dull but at the same time, since this book is romance, it’s just cute.

It’s not passionately romantic to be honest, just your usual famous guy gets the small town girl.

To me, this is my least favorite of Smith’s works especially her debut novel ‘The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight’, I absolutely adored. So the standard was pretty hard to get past to but this book does not give me a satisfied approval.

But if you’re willing to read this book, I’d say it’s worth a shot.


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