everyone we’ve been – book review

“But mostly, I found things in music. Hope. Distraction. Happiness.”


 I did not know what to expect once I let my friend hand me her copy of this book. Once she gave me the copy, she gave the book to me without a cover and a background of what the book is about. All she said was just read it. 

And read it I did.

This young adult novel follows the story of Addison Sullivan following the aftermath of the car accident she experienced. With memory lapses and seeing a boy nobody else seems to see other than her, she became curious as to what was the effects of the accident. What she didn’t know was she did something before everything started.

spoiler alert: read the spoiler somewhere else because I won’t be talking about it.
Just take the advice of just read it and you’ll thank me later.


“. . . but the biggest lie is that there are things that aren’t survivable.”

4/5 stars

The chapters has indications of before and after the very important event happened that will make you think, ‘well, what is the important event?’ and it will make you want to read and read until you know the answer to the question. 

Yes, there is romance, music and mediocre horror movies.

The romance is just like the horror movies in this book, mediocre. But something to look forward to. But the music references was really spot on and I appreciated it. I do have to say, the theme, characters and plot are all a strong point contestant in this book. And you’ll root for the characters because I know I did.

But it’s the impact of the book that lost the point for me. After the drama, after unraveling the mystery and answers, I got the question of ‘oh that was it,’ 

Overall my final say is like what I’ve been trying to say all throughout this review, just read it. 


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